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10 August 2011

Washington D.C. 12 -19 Aug 2011

The 2011 IAJGS conference is being held in Washington D.C. It is an absolutely incredible place for a conference. What is even better is this is my first ever visit to our nations capital. Being in this city with its rich history and having a thousand or so people learning how to best research their Jewish ancestors seems like a perfect match.

At this years conference I am working with John Kitzmiller as we try to teach the attendees how best to use so that it will become a valuable tool in their search.

The vendor area has been closed at about 5 PM, which has allowed for me to visit a couple of the historical sites. Seeing the Washington Monument for the first time is an experience that I don't think can be described with words. I found myself thinking of all those who risked so much that we may all have the freedoms we enjoy today. While in Washington, I couldn't wait to visit the World War II memorial.

During the war, my father's brother lost his life when he was killed in action while serving in the Navy. It was a very touching moment to find his name in the records of those lost. Even though his body was never recovered, its nice to know he will never be forgotten. He will never have the same resting place as those heros buried at Arlington National Cemetery, but he is still a great hero and an example of paying the ultimate price for his country.

May those who live in the White House always remember those who served and died.

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